[UPDATE] OSHA Sets Launch Date of Electronic Injury & Illness Reporting Application



In late June, OSHA pushed the enforcement of their 2016 rule which will require employers to electronically submit injury and illness reports from July 1, 2017 to December 1, 2017.  At that time it was unknown when the administration would launch the platform to submit the data online, but that has now been decided.

Stating August 1, 2017, employers will be able to input their data from their 2016 Form 300A.  The deadline remains December 1, 2017 and will be accessible on OSHA’s Injury Tracking Application (ITA) website. That site also contains helpful information about the new requirement, including frequently asked questions an instructions for uploading data to the application.

There are 4 steps to submitting injury and illness data:

  1. Create an establishment
  2. Add 300A summary data
  3. Submit data to OSHA
  4. Review the confirmation email

Data can be submitted in one of 3 ways: manually entering the data on the website, uploading a .csv file (basically an excel document with no formatting saved in .csv format), and transmitting data through and application programming interface.

According to the rule, companies with 250 or more employees are required to submit form 300A by December 1, 2017 with 2016 information.  For their 2017 information, those same companies would be required to submit forms 300A, 300, and 301.

For companies that have 20-249 employees and that are in high risk industries like construction, only form 300A will need to be filled out this year and in subsequent years.