[VIDEO] A Horse Had to Be Lifted Out of a Construction Trench by a Helicopter

It’s a tale (tail) as old as time: a horse walks into a construction trench, gets stuck, has to be lifted out of it by a helicopter.  The trench didn’t appear to be that deep, so I don’t think OSHA is going to need to get involved with this one.

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[VIDEO] Silo Demolition Goes Opposite Way and Lands on Adjacent Building

Demolitions by implosion seems like the easiest way to knock down a structure, but there is so much preparation that goes into it that even the slightest mistake can have a huge impact.  When smokestacks are demolished correctly, it can be a thing of beauty, like when these two silos in Scotland hit each other midair or when this asbestos filled stack was precisely demolished to fall into a pool of water. Things didn’t go so smoothly for demolition crews in Denmark last week, however.

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[VIDEO] Guy Hilariously Yells at Bus After Bus Ruins His Perfect View of Georgia Dome Demolition

Getting the perfect view of a major building demolition can get you millions of hits, or even better, shared by us right here on Construction Junkie.  Have your video get epic-ly photobombed and you’ll get even more views and definitely shared by us.

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Construction Worker Channels His Inner Eminem to Deliver a Rap About Jobsite Safety

Tool box safety talks are super important, but sometimes they can be pretty dry.  In order to keep people engaged and committed to jobsite safety, sometimes you have to mix it up a little bit. A construction company in New Zealand has an aspiring rapper on their team and they decided to enlist his help for a safety talk and it’s pretty entertaining. This company isn’t the first company to use rap music to send a message, as Caterpillar also released a rap about their bulldozers.

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[VIDEO] 18-Ton Wheel Loader Dances on Two Wheels

There are plenty of amazing heavy equipment operators across the country that can do things that you would never imagine possible. For instance, prepare and dress a hot dog, be a soccer goalie, and dunk a basketball. Popping a wheelie and bouncing on two wheels is equally as impressive.

While none of those skills above belong anywhere near a job site, it’s still pretty amazing to see exactly what those gigantic and powerful machines are capable of. This particular “dancing” routine in the video below was a way to draw attention to the machine at an industry trade show.  Based on the crowd turn out at the event, I’d say that Foton Lovol accomplished just that.  The FL958G-II Front End Wheel Loader clearly has some pretty good balance.

Enjoy the video from Foton Lovol below:

The Weirdest Things I've Ever Found Inside HVAC Ductwork

This is a guest post by Bob Wells, a retired HVAC tech who now dedicates himself to sharing knowledge on his website hvactraining101.com.

No matter what our specialty, once we’ve been on a construction-related job a few years, we’ve got a few stories to tell. A lot of them start with “How the he**” did that get there, or “YUCK!”

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[PHOTO] Contractor Decides to Pave Around Parked Car

Sometimes parked cars get in the way of construction, there’s no doubt about it.  Those types of situations are handled on a case-to-case basis, it seems.  There are the extreme reactions, such as smashing the cars with heavy machinery to get them out of the way, or using a skid steer to move – and damage – a legally parked car.  There’s also the option to simply have it towed, reducing any liability that you or your company might have after causing so much damage.  There’s apparently also a fourth option, which is to completely ignore the area around a parked car and let the internet laugh about it.

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