[VIDEO] Silo Demolition Goes Opposite Way and Lands on Adjacent Building

Demolitions by implosion seems like the easiest way to knock down a structure, but there is so much preparation that goes into it that even the slightest mistake can have a huge impact.  When smokestacks are demolished correctly, it can be a thing of beauty, like when these two silos in Scotland hit each other midair or when this asbestos filled stack was precisely demolished to fall into a pool of water. Things didn’t go so smoothly for demolition crews in Denmark last week, however.

A silo at the port in Vordingborg, Denmark was set for demolition on April 6, 2018 and the implosion caused it to fall, as planned, but it didn’t quite go in the direction they were hoping. As you can see in the video below, the silo was weakened on the left side, where they wanted it to go, but when the explosions happened, it sat on the base and then slowly started to head toward one of the adjacent buildings.

According to the New York Post (NYP), the silo was 173 feet tall and ended up partially landing on a library building.  No injuries were reported, thankfully, but an aftermath photo shared by the NYP showed a corner of the building was completely destroyed. 

The video below, shared to Youtube by ViralHog, has a great view of the demolition.