OSHA Now Let’s You Search for Authorized OSHA 10 & 30 Outreach Trainers



It should be obvious that formal safety training is extremely important to running a successful safety program on any construction site.  The most common route for construction employers to train their staff is through OSHA 10 and OSHA 30 courses, but, in the past, it was pretty confusing to determine who was actually authorized to teach the courses and where to find them.

It’s a common misconception that OSHA actually teaches the classes themselves; they simply provide authorized trainers formal requirements for topics and material to cover.  I’ve taken OSHA courses in the past that were set up by my employer, but I recently had to get my OSHA 30 certification and set the training up myself.  I remember going through a labyrinth of OSHA regional websites trying to figure out who could train me and when.  I eventually settled for an online course, but, even then, I was unsure if the website was actually authorized by OSHA.

Construction Equipment recently reported that OSHA now has a searchable database for OSHA Outreach trainers and it’s extremely easy to use. Not only can you search for classroom instructors, you can also find online training providers, and Spanish trainers.

The classroom instructor database can be filtered and sorted by Industry, Trainer’s name, Trainer’s city and state, and phone number. If you’re an authorized trainer for OSHA and do not see your name on the database, OSHA says to contact your Authorizing Training Organization (OTI Education Center).

The online training providers page lists 9 different websites to get OSHA 10 training and 7 different sites to get OSHA 30 training.  OSHA 10 is generally intended for workers who need to become aware of common jobsite hazards.  OSHA 30 hour courses are typically for supervisors or other workers that have some safety responsibility.  Having taken the OSHA 30 course, there is certainly no harm in getting as many workers to take the OSHA 30-hour course, regardless of their responsibilities.

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