Review: Milwaukee Tool’s New 2nd Generation M12 Hammer Drill and Impact Driver

At Milwaukee’s New Product Symposium in June of 2017, the company then showed their commitment to the 12-volt platform with the announcement of the Generation 2 M12 Hammer Drill and Impact Driver. The hammer drill and impact driver were since released in January 2018 and we’ve had the opportunity to test the tools for ourselves. The drill/driver is yet to be released as of the publish date of this article.

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5 Accessories That Can Turn Your Smartphone into a Powerful Tool for Construction

Smartphones have replaced a lot of different objects and materials on today’s construction site.  They’re used for pictures, video and audio recording, and note taking, among many other uses.  Beyond the typical functions most phones already have incorporated within them, there is now a significant market of accessories designed to make your phone even more useful on the construction jobsite.

We’ve compiled a list of 5 different accessories that you can buy to further enhance the power of your smartphone for construction.

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Average Hourly Wage of Painters, By State

Painters are typically one of the last subcontractors on any construction site, who do their best to beautify the drywall with the colors of the architect's or interior designer's choosing. Some painters are also responsible for mudding drywall, patching holes, sanding, and caulking.

Let's take a look at how an average painter's hourly wage compares in each state...

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Average Hourly Wage of Plumbers, By State

In doing the research for this analysis, I learned something interesting about the plumbing profession.  The term "plumber" comes from the Latin word "plumbum," which means lead. Seems fitting in a profession, fairly or unfairly, stereotyped for exposed butt cracks.

In Roman times, plumbers often worked with lead for conduits, drain pipes, and making baths.  Plumbers now work with a variety of different materials, including copper, PVC, ductile iron, among others.

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[UPDATE] Cause of Death of 3 Construction Workers Who Died in Florida Manhole Determined

In January of this year, tragedy struck a Florida construction company when 3 construction workers died while working underground below a newly paved road.  After the first worker entered the hole and collapsed after entering the confined space through a manhole, the second went in to rescue him and also collapsed, followed by the third. After a post-incident investigation, OSHA has released their findings, as well as several fines.

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The Weirdest Things I've Ever Found Inside HVAC Ductwork

This is a guest post by Bob Wells, a retired HVAC tech who now dedicates himself to sharing knowledge on his website

No matter what our specialty, once we’ve been on a construction-related job a few years, we’ve got a few stories to tell. A lot of them start with “How the he**” did that get there, or “YUCK!”

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The 9 Biggest Takeaways from Milwaukee’s New Product Symposium 2017

The 2017 Milwaukee Tool New Product Symposium (NPS) was held last week at Milwaukee’s headquarters and it proved to be a whirlwind of new products and information from the red brand.  Over 80 new tools and accessories, which will be released throughout the remainder of 2017, were presented to dozens of media representatives, including construction magazines, YouTubers, Instagrammers, and your favorite construction blog (Construction Junkie, obviously).

After flooding our social media pages with Milwaukee information and gathering our thoughts from the event, we’ve come up with our 9 biggest takeaways from the event, in no particular order.

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