How do you use your construction contract as a means to get that precious data you need?

[guest post] Construction project owners are facing a big problem: paper based progress reports and invoices are making it nearly impossible to quickly find and address errors. The tool kit of the past included a magnifying glass, a pencil (and eraser) and a calculator. Armed with endless human resources, project owners would diligently review paper based documentation for discrepancies. This MO is no longer feasible in the modern construction environment.

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How Software Can Help Construction Companies Operate More Efficiently

Whether you’re looking to begin using software for the first time or update your current system, here are some ways that software can help improve your company in 2018:

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Summer Dangers on Construction Sites

[guest post] Spring is here and before we know it, summer will follow. In both seasons, weather conditions can present dangers to construction workers. Without education and preparation, workers may find that they are seriously ill or injured during work. 

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Frequently Overlooked Winter Hazards for Construction

The following is a guest post written by Laurence Banville, Esq.

Winter is here and with it comes dangerous situations that construction workers don’t have to worry about during warmer weather. Nearly everyone is aware that construction workers should dress warmly in order to prevent medical conditions like frostbite and hypothermia, but what are some of the frequently overlooked risks associated with winter weather?

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5 Constructions Workplace Safety Rules for Dummies

[guest post] Working in construction certainly has its upsides - you get in a great workout, you learn valuable skills, and you develop incredible camaraderie on the jobsite. However, it also is one of the most dangerous jobs you can have.

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The Weirdest Things I've Ever Found Inside HVAC Ductwork

This is a guest post by Bob Wells, a retired HVAC tech who now dedicates himself to sharing knowledge on his website

No matter what our specialty, once we’ve been on a construction-related job a few years, we’ve got a few stories to tell. A lot of them start with “How the he**” did that get there, or “YUCK!”

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