Video of Arcing Power Line Shows You Exactly Why To Stay a Safe Distance Away

Contact with overhead power lines is a major hazard when working on most construction sites and especially when working from elevated platforms or with heavy machinery. 

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OSHA Issues Final Rule for Crane Operator Certification Requirements

Back in September, OSHA issued a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking that would extend the deadline for crane operator certification requirements.  Although OSHA 1926.1427 has required crane operators to receive certain certifications to be able to operate the machines since 2010, actual enforcement of that rule has been delayed several times.

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Average Hourly Wage of Drywall Installers, By State

Drywall, gypsum, sheet rock, wall board, or whatever you call it, has to be installed by someone, so who better than a drywall installer? Some drywallers install the board and also tape and mud the joints, but others only hang the board.  

When sanding, drywallers are exposed to a lot of dust, including silica in some cases, which they need to be protected from.  The Center for Disease Control suggests using a vaccuum sander or pole sanding to reduce worker's exposure to harmful dust particles

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[VIDEO] Watch a 1960s Era Gas Powered Drill Be Restored

I’ve written about Hand Tool Rescue’s Youtube channel a couple times before and the reason I like it so much is that it’s not only entertaining and therapeutic to watch, it also informs me about tools I never even knew existed.

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Fieldlens Adds Several New Features on Most Recent Update

FieldLens, a web based application available on both Android and iOs, allows for real-time documentation of safety hazards, job site notes, and punch lists.  The app eliminates the need to re-type your notes or send separate emails to the correct people, because it can create instantaneous reports on all the information you typed in to your phone or tablet on the job site.

Recently, Fieldlens added three new features that the company says are requested often

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[VIDEO] Watch Vintage Film of 1950s Construction of Michigan’s Mackinac Bridge

As many of America’s oldest bridges are being demolished to make way for newer, larger bridges, it’s important to look back and understand how those bridges –and other historic buildings- came to be built prior to modern technology. Last year, a collection of 55 year old pictures from the construction of the world famous Seattle Space Needle were released to the public, shedding some interesting insight into the process of the build and the people who built it.

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Average Hourly Wage of Roofers, By State

Roofers have one of the most uncomfortable jobs on any construction site, especially when installing a dark roofing material.  A traditional black roof, either asphalt shingles or EPDM, can be up to 50 degrees warmer than the surrounding temperatures.  

It's also one of the most dangerous professions in the industry.  Not only is it one of the most heavily cited group by OSHA, it also leads in number of fatalities per 100,000 workers.

Having said that, let's take a look at how they're paid in each state...

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‘World’s First’ 3D Printed Concrete Bicycle Bridge Installed in Netherlands

The Netherlands has a ton of bridges, especially pedestrian and biking bridges, thanks to its abundant system of canals.  Perhaps because of that, they have become a leader in 3D printing technology when it comes to bridges. 

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