The Ultimate Construction Father's Day Gift Guide 2019

construction father's day gift guide 2019

Father’s Day 2019 is June 16, so you better get started on gift ideas if you want to impress dad this year. Whether your father is contractor, handyman, or DIYer, we’ve got a lot of great ideas for him this year.

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We’ve been lucky enough to be able to use many of the tools on this list throughout the year and there are others on the list that we’d love to try because they have been highly regarded in reviews.  It should be assumed that the tool manufacturers have given us these tools for free to test out, but none of them have paid to be a part of this gift guide. All tools on this list have been chosen by our staff, because we think they would be great gifts.

This post contains affiliate links, which help us earn a small commission for the things that you buy.  The prices in the links are exactly the same as they would be normally and we appreciate your support!

Ultimate Construction Father’s Day Gift Guide 2019

Under $50

Rite in the Rain All-Weather Top-Spiral Notebook

Construction workers don't have the luxury of working inside in perfect conditions. Rain, snow, grease, and mud make it extremely difficult to keep notes, which are a very important task in the industry.  Rite in the Rain notebooks each contain 50 sheets and won't break down in tough jobsite conditions. It will even survive an accidental ride in the washing machine.

Be sure to also pick up an all-weather pen, like the Fisher Space Pen ($17.06 on Amazon), so you'll be able to write on the notebook in wet conditions, as well.

Table Saw Dust Bag

This is honestly one of the best purchases I’ve made and it’s so inexpensive. Table saws are essential on many jobsites and workshops, but dust collection can be an issue. If you don’t have an extensive dust collection system or don’t want to deal with the extra noise of a vacuum, this Bosch table saw dust bag is a no brainer. I’ve been using it on my Milwaukee M18 cordless table saw and it collects probably 80-90% of the dust

OLFA MXP-AL or LA-X Utility Knife

Everybody probably already has a utility knife somewhere in their toolbox or junk drawer, but it’s probably not an OLFA. This Japanese-made knife is actually up to 8 blades-in-one, because you can snap off one section at a time if it gets dull. Paired with their new black speed blades, you not only get the convenience of multiple blades, but an extremely sharp, fast cutting knife.

The OLFA MXP-AL is their newest heavy duty knife, made with an aluminum shell. For a little less cost, the LA-X is a tried and true knife, as well, as it comes with the same blades, but it’s housed in a plastic shell with a rubber overmould.

Quickloader Retractable Ratchet Tiedown

If you own a truck, you know that securing a load can be a huge hassle, especially if you’re used to dealing with bungee cords or traditional tiedowns. With Quickloaders, there will never be any additional slack flapping in the wind, because the excess retracts back into it. It’s so easy, you can do it one handed. There are various sizes and strengths available on their website, starting at around $20, but the QL4500 is a good one to start with, at around $40.

Custom Handmade Felt Pennant

Some dads are extremely hard to buy for and you might not feel comfortable buying a tool for him. How about getting him a customized, handmade felt pennant for his work or home office? The pennants can be made in any shape or size, in many different colors, and with any words, which is great if you want a pennant for a business or just personal use.

My wife actually makes these and she's a very talented graphic designer. Check out the Uptown Heritage Company on etsy at

Custom Felt Pennant ($35+) | Uptown Heritage Company

DeWalt Right Angle Attachment

There’s nothing more frustrating than not being able to reach the screw you need to fasten, so a right angle attachment for an impact driver can be a huge lifesaver in a time of need. DeWalt has recently updated their right angle attachment to the DWARA120, which is a more compact version of the older model.

You can also find it at Lowe’s for around $22.

Klein Tradesman Pro Tough Box 9-Quart Cooler

Your dad works hard, so it's important that his lunch and drinks stay cool and protected on the jobsite.  The new Klein Tools Pro Tough 9-Quart Cooler can fit 11 cans inside, keeps items cool for up to 30 hours, and has a reasonable price at less than $45. There usually aren't picnic tables on the job, either, so Klein designed the box to be used as a seat and holds up to 300 pounds.

If you need a bigger capacity than 9-quarts, Kelin also offers a 17-quart cooler with the same benefits. It's priced just a little bit higher, at around $54 on Amazon.

Diablo Carbide Tipped Pruning Blade

Carbide tipped blades have recently changed the game and Diablo is widely considered to be at the forefront of the revolution.  Carbide blades are much more expensive than traditional bi-metal blades, but they cut through material much faster and last much longer.

One of the most handy blades Diablo makes is the new carbide tipped pruning reciprocating saw blade, which can not only assist in the demolition of structures, but are a great for knocking off pesky tree branches.

I’ve used this blade on many tree branches and to make fast, rough cuts through lumber. It’s goes especially well with Milwaukee’s one-handed Hackzall!

Craftsman Versastack 2-Drawer Unit

After being acquired by Stanley Black & Decker (SBD), Craftsman recently launched a brand new line of around 1,200 new tools. It already appears to be a good move for Craftsman tool lovers as it has breathed new life into the old Sears brand. One of the best buys in the new brand is the Versastack 2-drawer unit. Every tradesman or garage warrior needs additional storage and the Verstastack will not only stack on top of other Versastack units, but will also stack on DeWalt T-stack units, thanks to that aforementioned SBD acquisition. You can get it at Lowe’s for around $35.

Over $50

ISOtunes PRO Bluetooth Hearing Protector

Hearing protection is one of those things that construction workers ignore until years later when they realize they have lost a significant amount of their hearing.  OSHA has strict hearing protection requirements to avoid hearing loss in workers,  ISOtunes PRO Bluetooth Hearing Protectors offer a 27db noise reduction rating and they also limit the audio playback to 85db, keeping your dad below the actionable noise level.

DeWalt DCC020IB 20V Max Inflator

Everyone needs an inflator at some point, whether it’s an emergency roadside tire fill-up, bike tire top offs, camping mattresses, or those pesky pool floats. The DeWalt 20V MAX Inflator is the most versatile of them all, as it’s able to inflate high pressure or high volume and can be powered by battery, 12V DC (car plug-in), or a 110V wall outlet.

Besides its versatility, one of its greatest features is the ability to set the PSI you’d like to fill it to and it will automatically shut off when it reaches that level. You can read our full review of it by clicking here.

Milwaukee 2719-20 M18 Fuel Hackzall

A reciprocating saw is a staple of any tool collection, because they’re demolition specialists. Milwaukee has been the cream of the crop in the reciprocating saw category for decades - and for good reason - they invented it. Milwaukee is so synonymous with a reciprocating saw that you may not have even heard the term reciprocating saw before, as most refer to them simply as a Sawzall, which is Milwaukee’s brand name for them.

The little brother to the Sawzall is the Hackzall, which may not have the same power punch as the bigger one, but it’s an extremely versatile tool that’s one of my favorites to use. If you’re not doing heavy demolition, the Hackzall can not only easily tear through wood, but it’s much safer to use when cutting pipe, trimming tree branches, or doing other one handed tasks,

You can read our full review on the Hackzall by clicking here.

DEWALT DCE511B 11" Corded/Cordless Jobsite Fan

The DeWalt 20V jobsite fan is a super-efficient, powerful, and convenient option for the workshop or jobsite.  Delivering up to 500 CFM of air, the fan can easily last a full day on one battery.  If your battery runs out of juice, no worries, because it can also be plugged into an outlet through an extension cord.  Rated IP54 for dust and water resistance, it’s ready to be put to work in tough conditions.

Truewerk T2 Work Pants

A favorite among the IG tool community, Truewerk’s T2 work pants buck the trend of stiff fabrics or the classic denim. Their rugged, waterproof exterior is equally matched with their soft and moisture wicking interior, giving you all day comfort along with durability.

For hotter months, Truewerk has also released the T1 werkpant, which is even lighter weight for the higher temperatures. They’re pricier than a typical work denim would cost, but they’re worth the upgrade.