Ultimate Construction Father's Day Gift Guide 2017

father's day construction gift guide 2017

Skip the ties this year and get your dad something he really wants.  Weather he's a full time construction worker, a handyman, or a DIYer, there are plenty of tools and accessories that will keep him productive and make his life easier.  Below is a list of products that would make any dad happy this year.  

Let us know if you think something else should be added to the list!

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Under $50

Milwaukee Ax Carbide Tipped Sawzall Blades

A poor quality blade can make even the best reciprocating saws perform like a piece of garbage.  Do yourself and your dad a favor and pick up Milwaukee's new carbide tipped Ax Sawzall blades.  They range from $8-$14 and you won't ever regret it.

Fiskars PowerArc Utility Snips

A good pair of utility snips is essential to any tool bag and Fiskars is known for their high quality cutting utensils.  Use these snips to cut metal, vinyl, insulation, cardboard, rope, and many other materials.  The offset handle keeps your hands away from the material you're cutting and the Powerarc technology provides up to 2x more cutting power.

General Tools Angle-izer Template Tool

Perfect for repetitive tasks and transferring angles, the angle-zer is a lightweight and low cost way to reduce headaches on the job site or around the house.  You can use it on any material to ensure you get perfect cuts every time.  Set both sides to 90 degrees and you can even use it for spacing.

Milwaukee Shockwave Drill and Drive Bit Set

Just another thing that Milwaukee Tool does well.  There's a big difference between low quality drill and driver bit sets and the Shockwave is one of the best we've used.  The Shockwave bits absorb torque and provide a much longer life than competitors.   

Bigg Lugg 2

The Bigg Lugg 2 hooks to your belt and allows you to carry Nail guns, cordless drills, nail drivers, saws, paint buckets, and plenty of other objects and materials hands free.  No more climbing ladders one handed while you're holding your tools in the other hand.

Hammer Bottle Opener and Ice Crusher

If your hardworking dad's a beer drinker, what could be a more fitting gift than a hammer bottle opener

J5 Tactical Flashlight

A good light source is extremely important on jobsites and campsites alike.  This compact flashlight provides up to 300 lumens of light that reaches up to 600 feet.  This powerful flashlight runs off of a single AA battery, but provides hours of use. 


SleeveNotes is the simple solution for those who either write their notes on their hands and arms, or don’t write any notes because it’s really inconvenient to write notes in a tight or uncomfortable place, which all construction workers are accustomed to. Simply strap SleeveNotes to your arm and you’ve got a handy note pad right there when you need it.

You can read our full article about SleeveNotes here!

TREDS Overboots

The sun isn't always shining on construction sites throughout the year, so it's important to keep your feet dry and warm.  The TREDS 17" pull-on overboots will do just that, whether you're dealing with snow, slush or rain.

Carbide Point Scriber

For hard materials like steel, metal, glass, and ceramics, a pencil just won’t do the job if you need to mark it for cutting.  A carbide scriber, like this one Moody Tools makes will create a groove in the material where you need it cut.

Stud Finder

You can stop messing around with that cheap stud finder you've been using for years that couldn't find exposed stud.  Get dad a quality stud finder and see how long it takes him to point it at himself. Just give him a laugh, it's his day.

Milwaukee TICK Tool and Equipment Tracker

If dad is always losing his tools around the jobsite or at his kids' houses, it's time to get him a TICK tool and equipment tracker.  Glue it, screw it, rivet it, or strap it to any tool or piece of equipment and it will help you locate an item using the last known location.  If the equipment it's attached to gets stolen, it can even help you track it down.  

Click here for more information about the TICK. 

Digital Angle Gauge

Great for wood working and metal working, the Wixley Digital Angle Gauge will make sure that you have a precise angle measurement for whatever job you're working on.  The compact 2.2-Inch x 2.3-Inch x 1.3 gauge features a high strength magnet to attached securely to saw blades and carpenter squares.

Under $100

Milwaukee M18 Battery Car Charger

As the industry is beginning to rely more heavily on battery powered tools, it's important that we make sure our batteries are charged and ready to go for a day's work.  Milwaukee has recently released a battery charger that can not only plug into a wall outlet like a normal charger, but can also charge your batteries in your truck on the way to the jobsite.

Rockwell JawStand

The Rockwell JawStand could be your dad's new best friend.  The 13 pound jobsite companion can support up to 220 pounds.  With a head that bevels 90 degrees, it can be used in a variety of different ways.  It even includes a work clamp in the head that can hold material up to 1.75" thick.

Bosch 12V Jig Saw

Weighing in at only 3.3 pounds, including the battery, the Bosch 12V Jig Saw is the lightest and most compact saw on the market.  It's size makes it the perfect addition to any tool bag and, at less than $100, it's a steal.

Helly Hansen Chelsea Construction Shorts

If shorts are allowed on dad's jobsite, you won't go wrong with the Helly Hansen Chelsea Construction Short.  Made with ultra-durable Cordura fabric, they'll not only stand up to the tough conditions of the job, they'll also look great. If shorts aren't allowed, check out the Helly Hansen Chelsea Construction Pants and the Service Pants.

Klein Tools Tradesman Cooler

The lunch dad packs every day won't be any good unless it stays cool.  The Klein Tools 55600 Tradesman Pro Tough Box Cooler was specifically made for construction workers.  The new cooler can keep contents cool for up to 30 hours and has a 17 quart capacity.  Klein knows there aren't always great places to sit around a construction site, so they've designed the cooler with a 300 pound seating capacity, as well.

Halo Light

The Halo Light clips to any hard hard and provides 360 degree lighting to keep dad productive and safe.  It's one thing to be able to see what you're doing while using tools, but, as an added benefit, other workers are able to clearly see those wearing it, as well, providing additional safety.

Over $100

Milwaukee Sawzall with ONE-KEY

Not only did Milwaukee invent the Sawzall, they'll still the best at making them.  This newest model comes equipped with ONE-KEY which allows tool customization based upon the material you're cutting through.  Combined with the Ax carbide tipped saw blades mentioned above, this tool is basically unstoppable.

Ridgid 18V Compact Router

This compact, but powerful router can cut up to 400 feet of laminate in a single battery charge using a 5Ah battery. The brushless motor provides increased runtime, as well as an increased life.  Better yet, it's backed by Ridgid's lifetime warranty.

Bosch 18-Volt Jobsite Radio

A tough radio is essential for jobsite and home workshops alike.  The Bosch Power Box has Bluetooth capabilities to connect to your phone, allowing you to listen to any music of your choice.  

Danner Boots

Made in the USA, Danner boots are comfortable, durable, and stylish.  The Bull Run boots are made of high quality leather that are strong enough for tough jobsite conditions. You can get them with or without the safety toe. 

Keen Utility Boots

Also made in the USA, Keen Utility boots provide ultimate comfort and durability.  With or without the safety toe, most of their boots, including the new Davenport models, are also waterproof, keeping your feet dry and warm throughout the job. 

DeWalt 20V Max Finish Nailer

A brad nailer is essential for any woodworker and battery powered options reduce the hassle of pulling out the compressor tank and pneumatic tube lines.  DeWalt makes a quality product and even have a few more in the works for later in the year.