[VIDEO] Watch a 6 Lane Concrete Overpass be Demolished in 8 Hours

via  Youtube

In order to get the bad taste of last week’s botched demolition, in which an adjacent building also got destroyed in the process, we needed to share a highly successful one. Priestly Demolition, a Canadian demolition contractor, has been the subject of our articles in the past and the company has even won awards for the best demolition in the world.

This latest video, which you can watch below, involves demolishing a 6 lane overpass in Bradford, Ontario.  The demolition work will make way for a new interchange, which city officials hope will bring economic growth to the area, according to the Bradford Times.

To dismantle the overpass, Priestly used 8 machines, mostly excavators with hammer attachments, to remove 154 tons (140 metric tonnes) of steel beneath the 75 loads of concrete. Crews started at 11:00pm local time and had the streets cleaned up and open to traffic the following morning at 7:00am, just 8 hours of work.  That’s some pretty impressive coordination, especially since a truckload of concrete had to be hauled off every 6 and a half minutes, on average.

Enjoy the video below: