[VIDEO] Obsolete WV Steel Plant Imploded into Cloud of Smoke, Covering Nearby Resident’s Houses

Demolitions by implosion can be fun to watch when they go right – or wrong – but nearby residents can be greatly affected by the high powered blasts and huge clouds of debris that follow.  A few years ago, a botched demolition in England left dozens of nearby residents unable to return to their homes for several days. Last week, an obsolete Steel Basic Oxygen Plant in Weirton, West Virginia is leaving residents in a similar situation.

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Demo Permits Submitted for Future World’s Tallest Voluntary Demolition Project

JPMorgan Chase announced their intentions to tear down their existing 52-story headquarters in Manhattan, New York City early last year.  When the demolition is complete, it is widely believed that it will be the tallest building ever to be voluntarily demolished. It’s speculated that the building will be dismantled floor-by-floor, as opposed to imploded, due to obvious safety concerns.

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[VIDEO] Blowing the Roof Off of the Old Milwaukee Bucks’ Arena

As you may already know, the NBA’s Milwaukee Bucks officially opened their new home, the Fiserv Forum, for the 2018-2019 NBA season last October. That new stadium is being heralded as the “World’s First Bird Friendly Arena,” due to many of the design features. Well, since the new one is open, we can only expect that the old, non-bird friendly (I’m assuming) arena has overstayed its welcome and has to go.

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[VIDEO] Construction Workers Try to Demolish Wall with Forklift, Things End Badly

I’m sure everyone that has ever worked construction has used the wrong tool for a specific job at some point in their career.  Most of those times, however, the end result isn’t going to be so obviously bad that it makes you scratch your head.

Motorized construction equipment, like forklifts, are invaluable tools, but they’re not good for demolition, nor are they built for continuous impacts. The guys in the video disagreed and attempted to knock down a short concrete wall by backing into it repeatedly with their forklift.

It did successfully knock down the wall, but they failed to account for the multiple foot drop off on the other side of the wall.  Enjoy.

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[VIDEO] Watch a One Mile Long Bridge Over Water Be Imploded in Seconds

Demolition by implosion videos are always fun to watch.  Adding an element of water makes them even more dramatic, though it’s probably not great for the ecosystem.  Late last week, a one mile long, 23 year-old bridge in China was imploded in front of a crowd of spectators and caught on camera.

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