[VIDEO] This Blimp-Like Aircraft That Can Transport Construction Equipment Is Incredible and I Want One

Lockheed Martin Hybrid Airship

Lockheed Martin Hybrid Airship

Remote sites have extreme challenges, like finding enough staff to work the jobs and being able to get materials to the site. Large mining operations have turned to self-driving dump trucks, like this 320 Ton mega machine, for a few years now. But, Lockheed Martin, a giant in the world of global security and aerospace, has a different solution for remote sites.

The Lockheed Martin Hybrid Airship is a blimp/cargo plane/passenger plane that can not only get your staff to the hard to get to jobsite, it can also get your heavy equipment there, as well. With a 10 foot by 10 foot by 60 foot cargo bay and 21 Metric Ton capacity, you’ll be able to haul several pieces of equipment.  It also has capacity for 19 passengers to sit comfortably.

When I first came across this video, I actually thought this was fake and I’m still a little bit surprised that it’s real.  According to Lockheed, it has an incredible range too.  The Airship normally cruises at around 60 knots (around 69 miles per hour) and can get as far as 1,500 miles at altitudes up to 10,000 feet.  The company also says that if the speed is slowed, it can make it around the entire world without refueling.  No runway is needed to take off or land, either, it can land on water or earth.

Lockheed’s main focus with this technology is making humanitarian relief missions much more attainable.  With the large payload, the ship can carry “first responders, rescue equipment, generators, clean water, food and more in a safe and affordable way,” according to the website.

Check out the video of the Airship below: