Flight Carrying 84 Plumbers Forced to Land Due to Plumbing Issues


Sometimes irony just makes a story too hard not to share. On January 27, a flight heading to Munich, Germany from Oslo, Norway was forced to turn back for an emergency landing due to issues with the toilets inside the plane.  Ironically, there were 84 plumbers on board - 65 from the same company - that were unable to fix the issues, according to The Sun.

Frank Olsen, chief executive of Rørkjøp, one of the plumbing contractors on board told reporters that his team would have loved to fix the faulty plumbing, but the issue could only be solved from the outside of the plane.  Rather than have them fix them Mission Impossible-style at 30,000 feet in the air, they opted to cut their losses and let the plane land.

The problems with the toilets were later fixed and the plane continued flights the same day.  That would have been some pretty sweet marketing footage for the plumbing contractors if they were able to fix the plumbing in the air, though. At least we can all get a pretty good laugh out of it