[VIDEO] A Horse Had to Be Lifted Out of a Construction Trench by a Helicopter

It’s a tale (tail) as old as time: a horse walks into a construction trench, gets stuck, has to be lifted out of it by a helicopter.  The trench didn’t appear to be that deep, so I don’t think OSHA is going to need to get involved with this one.

It’s not yet known how Misty the horse got stuck in the trench, but she definitely didn’t make it easy to get her out. Rescue teams discussed digging a ramp to help the horse walk out of the trench, but it wasn’t reacting well with the people and they didn’t think bringing in loud equipment would help the situation, according to the Los Angeles Daily News.

Ground crews arrived at the under construction ranch in Shadown Hills, California around 11:50am on Tuesday and the LA County fire rescue helicopter arrived 3 hours later after the initial attempts did not prove to be fruitful.  No word if they tried to lay a series of carrots on the ground to form a pathway out of the trench.

The news story describes the trench being built out of “cinder blocks and iron bars,” but it’s not exactly clear what is being built on the site. Regardless, the horse was uninjured after the short fall and its first helicopter ride.  I don’t think her friends will ever believe her when she tells them she flew.

(As a side note, notice that the people on the ground below the helicopter were wearing safety helmets with chin straps, which is an OSHA requirement if helicopters are used on your jobsite for lifting equipment onto a roof)

Here’s the video of the rescue: