[VIDEO] Guy Hilariously Yells at Bus After Bus Ruins His Perfect View of Georgia Dome Demolition

I'd liked to dedicate this post to Rob McKinney, member of the ConTechCrew, Georgia native, and lover of demolition videos.

Getting the perfect view of a major building demolition can get you millions of hits, or even better, shared by us right here on Construction Junkie.  Have your video get epic-ly photobombed and you’ll get even more views and definitely shared by us.

On Monday, the 26 year old Georgia Dome, former home to the Atlanta Falcons and host to the 1996 Summer Olympics, was demolished. The Georgia Dome was recently replaced by the Falcon’s new billion dollar Mercedes-Benz Stadium, which opened right across the street in September.

The morning of the demolition, I saw a video of the demolition shot by a camera that looked to be 20 or so feet off the ground.  In it, a bus pulled up and stopped right as the arena was imploding, but below camera view.  I immediately knew that someone’s day was completely ruined and I couldn’t wait to find the video on Youtube later. Little did I know it would be the Weather Channel’s camera man, who would then throw a complete and hilarious tantrum.

“Jesus, get out of the way bus!”



The Weather Channel (TWC) had set up a Facebook Live feed 40 minutes before the implosion was scheduled to begin, so some lucky people got to watch the bus photobomb in real-time.  So Jealous.

I really can’t blame the guy for being yelling though, I’d be mad too.  What are the odds that a bus would pull up at that exact moment and not pull away until it’s all over? TWC is being a good sport about it, they even edited the video, kept the audio of the yelling in, and put it up on their Facebook page.

This has happened before, by the way. Just last year, hundreds of thousands of people watched a bus ruin the implosion video of the 24-story Norfolk Court Flats in Scotland.  There wasn’t a tantrum caught on video for that one, unfortunately, but still equally funny.  Moral of the story?  Put your camera on the same side of the street as the building.

Below is a video, shared by WSB-TV, that shows a compilation of all the best views of the demolition that are not blocked by a bus. It’s amazing to see the massive size difference between the two arenas at the 45 second mark.