This Robot Tracks Construction Progress While the Crew is Home Sleeping

via Doxel

via Doxel

Tracking progress on any jobsite is extremely important for your schedule and budget.  But, as the project grows larger, tracking progress becomes that much more difficult.  How do you accurately determine the percentage of work that the subcontractors have completed across 10 stories and hundreds of thousands of square feet?

Augmented Reality has attempted to infiltrate the job site for the past few years and its integration with BIM can make it a useful tool for pointing out errors and omissions, but can humans be realistically expected to scan entire buildings every day and keep an accurate log of progress?

Doxel, an artificial intelligence company, is attempting to solve both problems through the use of stair-climbing land robots and drones.  The robots take HD pictures and laser scans of each room throughout the entire duration of the project. The software then cross references those images and scans with the uploaded budget and schedule to determine how your project is performing.  Deviations from the BIM model are also detected and alerts are sent for correction.

Doxel is backed by Andressen Horowitz, a tech venture capitalist firm, and recently secured $4.5 million in funding. The video below has some additional information showing how the robots and software work together.