The Top 10 US States for LEED Certified Construction in 2017



In 2015, a study by Booz Allen Hamilton, prepared for the US Green Building Council (USGBC), expected Green Construction would account for 1/3 of all construction in the year 2018 and LEED would directly account for $29.8 billion of GDP.  Being that it’s 2018 this year, we thought it would be pertinent to share the latest data from the USGBC to see how LEED construction was being used in states across America.

The USGBC recently released their 2017 data for the Top 10 US States for LEED construction, which is sorted by Gross Square Footage per Capita.  That ranking system allows them to get a fair comparison of states, despite differences in population and number of buildings.

"As the U.S. Green Building Council celebrates 25 years of market leadership and growth, we know how important green building practices and certifications are to ensuring a more sustainable future for all," said Mahesh Ramanujam, president and CEO, USGBC in a press release. "…LEED is a proven economic development tool and method of meeting carbon reduction targets, reducing waste, energy and water consumption, and more. By measuring success on a per capita level each year, this list reflects the personal and individual impact of these states' efforts…”

According to the press release, the 2017 Top 10 list has the highest average square footage at an average of 2.9 square feet per resident.  The 2017 list did not appear to show significant growth for LEED buildings in many of the states over 2016’s Top 10 list.  For example, California’s and Virginia’s Certified Gross Square Footage (GSF) was stagnant year over year, and Colorado’s numbers dropped by around 4 million GSF.  Massachusetts, Illinois, and New York saw large increases, however.

Nevada, Washington, and Texas fell off the Top 10 list in 2017, and Hawaii, Minnesota, and Georgia took their place.  Massachusetts remained number 1 for the second straight year and Illinois remained in third place.  New York jumped from fourth place in 2016 to second place in 2017.

2017 Top 10 States for LEED

10. Colorado

Certified Gross Square Footage (GSF): 11,397,964

Number of Projects: 76

GSF per Capita: 2.27

9. Virginia

Certified Gross Square Footage (GSF): 18,589,482

Number of Projects: 152

GSF per Capita: 2.32

8. California

Certified Gross Square Footage (GSF): 89,258,519

Number of Projects: 475

GSF per Capita: 2.4

7. Georgia

Certified Gross Square Footage (GSF): 23,638,051

Number of Projects: 71

GSF per Capita: 2.44

6. Minnesota

Certified Gross Square Footage (GSF): 13,018,056

Number of Projects: 47

GSF per Capita: 2.45

5. Maryland

Certified Gross Square Footage (GSF): 15,854,679

Number of Projects: 105

GSF per Capita: 2.75

4. Hawaii

Certified Gross Square Footage (GSF): 4,519,757

Number of Projects: 16

GSF per Capita: 3.32

3. Illinois

Certified Gross Square Footage (GSF): 43,363,065

Number of Projects: 135

GSF per Capita: 3.38

2. New York

Certified Gross Square Footage (GSF): 65,749,387

Number of Projects: 192

GSF per Capita: 3.39

1. Massachusetts

Certified Gross Square Footage (GSF): 29,338,378

Number of Projects: 130

GSF per Capita: 4.48

Check out the slideshow from the USGBC which highlights some of  each state’s most impressive LEED projects below: