Here Are 55 Free Toolbox Safety Talks in English and Spanish

Free Toolbox Talks

The construction industry has never been one to freely share information without charging a fee.  That’s changed slightly recently, with some major players willing to provide useful tools and information to help us become better.  For instance, we recently shared that Procore has released hundreds of free continuing education courses on their education platform.  Another useful site we’ve found recently has shared dozens of toolbox talks to help your team on the jobsite learn about safety.

Toolbox Talks are an extremely important part of running an effective safety program. Many large companies have the resources to put together their own safety program and run formal toolbox talks on a daily or weekly basis, but there are many contactors that could use some help building their safety program.

The Center for Construction Research and Training (CPWR) currently has 55 free Toolbox Talks available for download in both English and Spanish.  CPWR states that they have worked together with the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) to include case studies, discussion questions, and site-specific actions.

The talks aren’t meant to take longer than 15 minutes and each one focuses on a specific tool, piece of equipment, or task.  Among those available on CPWR’s website are aerial lifts, confined spaces, extension cord safety, extension ladders, and many others.

Link to CPWR’s Toolbox Talks: