OSHA to Offer Temporary Compliance Assistance on Newly Effective Crane Operator Rule



After an abundance of delays on rule that would require crane operators to be formally qualified to operate, OSHA finally landed on an effective date of February 7, 2019. After receiving feedback from industry partners, OSHA has decided to delay enforcement for 60 days for contractors who make a “good faith effort” to comply.

As of the 7th, employers were officially responsible for evaluating their operators before allowing them to operate cranes independently. Per OSHA regulation 29 CFR 1926.1427(f)(6):

“The employer must document the completion of the evaluation. This document must provide: The operator’s name; the evaluator’s name and signature; the date; and the make, model, and configuration of equipment used in the evaluation…”

Section 1926.1427(f) also has a series of requirements for conducting an appropriate evaluation of the operators, including a demonstration of skills and knowledge, the ability to recognize and avert risk, and an ability to perform required hoisting activities.  Operators must be evaluated by an individual who “has the knowledge, training, and experience necessary to assess equipment operators.”

For the first 60 days after the new rule’s effective date, ending April 15, 2019, OSHA will not cite any contractor who fails to properly document evaluations of operators, as long as they are making a good faith effort to do so.  In lieu of enforcement, OSHA will offer compliance assistance to those employers.

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