[INFOGRAPHIC] 6 Applications for Augmented Reality in Construction

via BigRentz

via BigRentz

Augmented Reality (AR) is often thought of as an interesting new twist on video games, but, in reality, it has some great potential for solving some common problems in construction.  BigRentz, a construction equipment rental company, recently shared an infographic of 6 applications of AR in construction.

First of all, what is ‘augmented reality’? At its most basic, the technology overlays useful information on top of the real world environment using goggles or glasses affixed with sensors and cameras. It essentially turns an inanimate object into a content rich database of information.

As far as hardware goes, at least two companies are making huge plays in the construction industry to try and make AR more popular.  Microsoft HoloLens has teamed up with Trimble to release a new hard hat with AR goggles attached.  DAQRI also created an AR embedded hard hat and partnered with Topcon to bring it to reality in the construction industry.

So, how does BigRentz suggest AR can be used in construction?

  1. Project Planning

  2. Automated Measurements

  3. Project Modifications

  4. On-site Project Information

  5. Team Collaboration

  6. Safety Training – I was able to experience some virtual reality safety training applications at the 3M booth at the World of Concrete earlier this year and I really do think this will have a significant impact on training moving forward.

For more information on these applications check out the animated infographic below or check out the full article from BigRentz here.