Mortenson Announces Partnership with Operator-less Equipment Maker Built Robotics

In 2017, Built Robotics made headlines as they debuted their self-driving track loader on a test construction site.  Earlier this month, the company announced a formal long-term partnership with construction giant Mortenson to deploy their machines on remote sites.

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Self-Driving Track Loader Has Started Moving Dirt on its First Commercial Jobsite

Built Robotics’ Autonomous Track Loader (ATL) first made headlines late last year when it began beta tests on small test tracks in San Francisco.   The ATL is powered by a rooftop cargo carrier that is filled with electronic equipment, including Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR).  LIDAR utilizes a pulsing laser in order to measure distance and range from objects around it.

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The 16 Most Interesting Advances in Construction Technology of 2017

The construction industry has historically been slow to adapt to new technologies, but with a recent push from Silicon Valley, a lot of money is being poured into research and development.  Just a few short years ago, robotics on the construction site was thought of as a pipe dream, but now there are several companies around the world that are making it a reality.  It still may be years away from being adopted in a large scale, but the industry should begin to take note of the technological changes that are happening around them.

Robotics isn’t the only construction item that made headlines last year, there have also been advances in construction materials, Augmented and Mixed Reality, smart sensors, and RFIDs.

Below is our list of the best advances in construction technology from 2017:

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Self-Driving Track Loader Debuts on Construction Sites

It seems like every month there’s a new robot being debuted for the construction industry, with the promise of reducing costs and improving productivity and safety.  There are robots for laying brick and block, placing concrete, and even self-driving mining trucks. The most recent robot to hit the job site is Built Robotics’ Autonomous Track Loader (ATL).

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