Procore Integrates with Microsoft Outlook for Streamlined Process with Email | ConTech Junkie

Even with the comprehensive collaborative environment that project management software, like Procore, provide, email is still a necessary evil for even the most technologically advanced contractor. Recently Procore announced new integrations with one of the biggest email providers, Microsoft Outlook, to help reduce redundancies and get all your information into one place.

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OSHA Exploring Possible Update to Lockout/Tagout Standard

The lockout/tagout (LOTO) procedure has been one of the critical elements of electrical safety training on construction sites for a decade.  Generally, it’s pretty simple: if you need to work on an energized circuit or piece of equipment, shut down the breaker, put a lock on it so no one can turn it back on, and place a tag on it with your information. OSHA is considering updating the standard now and is currently requesting information from interested parties.

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FIU Bridge Collapse Update: Court Documents Claim Engineer Dismissed Safety Concerns Hours Before Collapse

As the United States just recently suffered another tragic and deadly construction incident involving civilians after a crane collapsed in Seattle over the weekend, we’re reminded that the bridge collapse on FIU’s campus in Miami in early 2018 still has many unanswered questions.

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The Top 5 Cartoon Construction Workers

There’s no doubt that pop culture shapes the way people think, especially when it comes to interest in certain activities.  The narrative for the past few years in the construction industry has been that there is a workforce shortage…that young people aren’t interested in working in construction.  It’s no secret that kids love cartoons, though.

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NYC’s Green New Deal Targets Construction Industry, Bans Inefficient Glass-Walled Buildings

On Thursday, April 18th, the New York City Council passed what they are calling “NYC’s Green New Deal,” which legislators hope will greatly reduce the city’s greenhouse gas emissions.  In order to achieve those results, several mandates included in the legislation will have major effects on the construction and real estate industries.

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Dashcam Video of Deadly Seattle Crane Collapse Surfaces, Giving Clues to the Cause

On Saturday afternoon, tragedy struck downtown Seattle as a tower crane that was being dismantled suddenly fell to the street below, killing two ironworkers and 2 people that were in their cars, as well as injuring 4 others. Dashcam footage of that collapse has recently surfaced, giving some clues as to why the crane fell as it did.

After reviewing the video and pictures from the scene, many believe that the pins, which secure the tower crane sections together, were pulled prematurely.  King5 News reports that experts point to the fact that the base section of the crane did not move at all.  Many initial reports pointed to wind gusts that rolled through the area, but it now appears that the wind only played a small part as the structure was significantly weakened.

In King5’s story, attorney David Kwass, who has worked on the litigation for crane incidents in the past, drew comparisons to a 2012 crane collapse in Dallas.  In that case, many thought the wind was a big factor, but it was later discovered that the crane had been prematurely de-pinned.

As the investigation rolls on, let’s not lose sight of the fact that 4 people lost their lives and many others will be affected by witnessing the incident for years to come. King5 also reported that the victims were 33-year-old Travis Corbet and 31-year-old Andrew Yoder, both ironworkers, as well as a 19-year-old college freshman Sarah Wong and 71-year-old Alan Justad.

The video of the incident shared on YouTube is below.

Crane Collapse in Seattle Kills 2 Civilians, 2 Workers and Injures 4 Others

For the past 3 years, Seattle, Washington has had the most construction cranes out of any United States city. But, as we know, from various videos and news stories, a crane collapse can have absolutely devastating consequences. On Saturday, a crane collapsed in downtown Seattle onto an open road below, killing two construction workers, 2 pedestrians, and injuring several others in the process.

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Construction of World’s Tallest Modular Hotel Underway in New York City

Modular construction, on paper, should vastly speed up the process of construction as well as increase the quality.  Sections or rooms of buildings are pre-assembled in an environmentally controlled room offsite and then shipped to site as needed.  In reality, though, there are many challenges that have kept this type of construction from being more popular.  That doesn’t scare hotel giant, Marriott, though, as they are currently underway on the world’s tallest modular hotel.

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