OSHA Updates Online Whistleblower Complaint Form



OSHA currently controls over 20 laws that protect workers who file safety complaints against their employer or other employees. In general, whistleblowers are protected against retaliation from their employer.  In order to file a whistleblower complaint, 4 key elements must be alleged (from OSHA's website):

  1.  The employee engaged in activity protected by the whistleblower protection law(s) (such as reporting a violation of law);
  2. The employer knew about, or suspected, that the employee engaged in the protected activity;
  3. The employer took an adverse action against the employee;
  4. The employee's protected activity motivated or contributed to the adverse action.

On Friday, OSHA announced that it is revising its online whistleblower complaint form in order to make sure that users are filing complaints with the correct agency. The new complaint form, which is available in English and Spanish will help direct users to the correct agency, if the specific complain is not handled through OSHA, with a series of pop-up windows.

Just as before, whistleblower complaints can also be sent by fax, mail, hand delivery, or by telephone (800-321-6742).