[VIDEO] Watch a 1930s Rotary Jigsaw Be Restored to Former Glory

I’ve recently been following a channel on Youtube called Hand Tool Rescue and it’s been fascinating to learn the history of antique hand and power tools.  I didn’t realize how long ago many power tools – most of which we still use today – were created.  It’s perhaps even more fascinating to watch a rusty old machine that hasn’t been used in decades be completely restored to working condition. His videos don’t have voice overs, so you have to pay close attention to his methods, but every step of the process is shown.

One of the channel’s more recent “rescue” was of a 1930’s Rotary Jigsaw, which was made by Cutawl. According to the video description, the tool was used to metal, drywall, fabrics, and most other materials that are no more than 1.25” thick.

For me, one of the most interesting parts of this video was watching him recreate the two ball shaped handles that the users guide the saw with. He smashed the old, brittle one with a hammer, which was satisfying, and then made his own several layers of Bondo and a large amount of sanding. That part starts around the 12:30 mark.