Cool Tools: A Belt Clip for Your Tablet



For many construction superintendents and project managers across the world, tablets are becoming one of the most important tools on the job site.  They’re great for looking at plans, taking pictures, making notes, and running your favorite construction apps. Carrying a tablet does take up at least one of your hands, however, so it can be a hindrance if you need to help a co-worker lift material or climb a ladder.

Runnur, a mobile tech gear company, has developed a hands-free belt clip system for your tablet that’s perfect for construction professionals. The belt clip system attaches to the case you already own and allows you to store it on your hip, keeping your hands free, when it’s not in use.  Also included is a security cord, which keeps the tablet from hitting the ground if you accidentally drop it. The $99 belt clip is compatible with most tablets, but larger tablets like the Surface Pro and iPad Pro may need to upgrade to the beefier Tablet Tool Belt.

The Tablet Tool Belt runs $149 and comes in 3 different sizes for waist size. In addition to the same features as the belt clip, the tool belt adds additional support for larger and heavier devices.

Check out the video below for more information: