2019 Winners of World of Concrete’s Most Innovative Products Announced

World of Concrete

The World of Concrete is a massive industry event hosted annually at the Las Vegas Convention Center.  For those who have never been, it’s an endless sea of exhibitor booths, training sessions, and even a bricklaying competition.  Every Year, Concrete Construction Magazine organizes a Most Innovative Product competition for many of the new products that are highlighted at the show.

This year, there were 10 different product categories:

Each category has 3 winners: an industry choice voted on by readers, an expert’s choice, and the editor’s choice. The links are above for each of the categories, but I thought I would highlight a couple of my favorite winners.

Expert’s Choice Business & Technology Winner: SmartRock

Concrete strength testing is all about cylinder breaks, but does it have to be?  Not anymore with the SmartRock concrete sensors, which give you real-time monitoring capabilities of concrete temperature, maturity, and strength.

More information about SmartRock in the video below:

Industry Choice Dust Control & Accessories: Guarda Edge Power Cutter

Dust control has been the talk of the town in the concrete world for the past few years and the Guarda Edge Power Cutter is a first of its kind in that realm.  Not only does it deliver water directly to the blade to turn dust into a slurry, it also has an integrated extraction hose and shroud to suck the slurry back up, greatly reducing cleanup efforts.

More information on the Guarda Edge Power Cutter in the video below:

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