Procore Announces 3 New FREE Safety Courses for Silica Dust, Confined Spaces, and Safety & Tech

Procore CEO Tooey Courtemanche Speaking About Procore’s Safety Platform at Groundbreak 2018

Procore CEO Tooey Courtemanche Speaking About Procore’s Safety Platform at Groundbreak 2018

Safety training in the construction industry is necessary to build worker awareness – not to mention that it’s legally required – but it can be extremely time consuming and expensive to have completed. There are many companies out there looking to make money off of keeping workers safe, which is why it’s great when a company offers training free of charge, like Procore’s Safety Qualified program.

Procore, the cloud-based project management software, is obviously very interested in getting you and your construction team on their platform, but they also do extensive work on their non-product side that they offer at no cost, like hundreds of free, online continuing education courses and offering free software to non-profits and schools. The company touched on their commitment to helping build up the community that they rely on at their annual Groundbreak convention last year.

The Procore Safety Qualified program currently has 5 different training courses on it: Lockout/Tagout, Respiratory Protection, Scaffolding, Hazard Communication, and Fall Protection. Once each course is completed, you’ll receive a certification, and have the option of adding a “Procore Safety Qualified” sticker to your hard hat.

Beginning May 6, which lines up with the beginning of Construction Safety Week 2019, Procore will be releasing an additional 3 safety courses on the platform covering:

  1. Silica Exposure in Construction: how to manage silica exposure and create a control plan

  2. Confined Spaces: managing, classifying, entering and permitting confined spaces

  3. Safety & Technology: how to leverage technology to improve safety on the jobsite

Just like the original 5 courses, these new 3 courses will be free of charge.  Online training is a great way to ensure that every person on your team is getting the exact same information.  This program could also be extremely useful for smaller contractors who may not have the budget for in-depth training that larger companies might.

"We believe that safety is of utmost importance within the construction industry," said Darryl Kysar, Director of, in a press release. "We want to contribute to furthering understanding of safety hazards by providing continuing education courses to construction professionals at no cost."

If you’d like more information on the Safety Qualified program, visit Procore’s website.