[VIDEO] Crane Catches Fire, Collapses on Georgia Construction Site

Cranes collapsing on-site are serious business, especially since many of them resulted in the loss of life.  A recent crane collapse on a construction site in Alpharetta, GA was caught on camera after it caught fire, but luckily no one was injured.

The collapse happened on April 2nd and the fire department was able to extinguish the flames without anyone being injured.  A representative from the development being construction told Channel 2 Action News in Atlanta that the cause of the fire is “presumed to have been a malfunction of the drill crane motor,” but the official cause is still under review.

A 12.5 minute long video of the incident, which you can watch below, was caught on camera by Tim Drury and posted to YouTube. He notes the following time stamps as points of interest:

Explosion/cable snapping at 2:29, explosion at 4:25, smoke whirlwind at 8:40, and the crane collapse at 8:45.