[VIDEO] Crane Catches Fire, Collapses on Georgia Construction Site

Cranes collapsing on-site are serious business, especially since many of them resulted in the loss of life.  A recent crane collapse on a construction site in Alpharetta, GA was caught on camera after it caught fire, but luckily no one was injured.

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[VIDEO] 8 Injured After Crane Collapses During Renovations of Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship

There are a lot of different specialty construction contracting sectors within the industry and cruise ships are definitely one of them.  There are plenty of unique challenges when dealing with a moving ship versus a static building.  A recent accident highlighted the challenges when a crane collapsed on a cruise ship under renovations, injuring 8 people.

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[VIDEO] Crane Flips While Lifting Large Section of Viaduct

Cranes collapse for a variety of different reasons.  Some are overloaded, some catch on fire, and others succumb to high wind loads.  Regardless of the reason, a falling crane can cause tons of damage and have the potential to kill on-site workers and pedestrians walking near the job site.

A recent crawler crane collapse in Northern Italy could have been much worse as the crane, carrying a large section of viaduct, crashed to the ground. 

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