[VIDEO] Wheeled Crane Tips Over onto Florida Road

Cranes are a necessary and useful piece of equipment on most construction sites, but extreme caution must be taken when working with them, as any failure could be catastrophic or, at the very least, very costly.

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[VIDEO] Crane Flips While Lifting Large Section of Viaduct

Cranes collapse for a variety of different reasons.  Some are overloaded, some catch on fire, and others succumb to high wind loads.  Regardless of the reason, a falling crane can cause tons of damage and have the potential to kill on-site workers and pedestrians walking near the job site.

A recent crawler crane collapse in Northern Italy could have been much worse as the crane, carrying a large section of viaduct, crashed to the ground. 

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Crane Collapses onto Busy Dubai Road

Cranes are a staple of many construction sites throughout the world, but they’re susceptible to damage caused by sudden bursts of high wind.  Winds were blamed for the collapse of the New York City crane collapse that killed one man and injured 3 others in 2016 and again for the devastating crane collapse in Mecca, which killed over 100.

Much like the stories above, a crane collapsed last week in Dubai, UAE, after sudden heavy winds burst through town.

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