[VIDEO] Wheeled Crane Tips Over onto Florida Road

Cranes are a necessary and useful piece of equipment on most construction sites, but extreme caution must be taken when working with them, as any failure could be catastrophic or, at the very least, very costly.

Earlier this week, a wheeled crane in Orlando, Florida toppled over onto its side and onto the adjacent on-ramp to SR-408 .  Luckily, no injuries were reported and no cars were hit by the crane. The crane operator was reportedly strapped in inside the cab and was taken to the hospital as a precautionary measure.

There were conflicting reports initially regarding what the crane was doing as it fell.  Early reports stated that the crane was lifting a girder, but it was later confirmed that the operator was just getting the crane into position to prepare for upcoming overnight work.

On its way down, the crane hit power lines and poles, which briefly knocked power out in the surrounding areas.  The crane landed awkwardly under the overpass and the general contractor is bringing in professionals to determine the best way to get the crane upright.

Helicopter footage of the accident was shared to Facebook by WFLA, which you can watch below: