Autodesk Acquires Pre-Construction Software Building Connected for $275 Million

Autodesk, the software company synonymous with architectural and engineering design, has gobbled up yet another construction related software just a few week after its massive acquisition of PlanGrid. It’s most recent acquisition, BuildingConnected, will help bolster Autodesk’s growing construction brand and help them grow additional profit pipelines.

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Autodesk Acquires PlanGrid for $875 Million

In regards to technology, the construction industry is going through a very exciting time.  While maybe on a smaller scale, it’s my belief that we’re in the middle of our very own Microsoft vs Apple battle circa the 80s and 90s.  Several leading software companies are vying for that top spot in our industry right now and it’s becoming more and more clear who will come out on top by the day. 

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How to Apply for a Construction Job That Requires a Software You Don’t Use

10 years ago, the most computer knowledge any construction company would require of its applicants was a basic understanding of Microsoft Excel or a scheduling software.  Now, construction companies are finally getting wise to the fact that project management and document management software like Procore, Bluebeam, and PlanGrid can provide an efficiency boost to their projects. Because of this, many employers now have job openings that require knowledge of their software of choice. 

If you’ve never used that specific software, how can you make yourself eligible for that role?

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