Autodesk BIM 360 is Now Integrated with Microsoft Office 365 | ConTech Junkie

Just because construction companies are wising up and beginning to implement project management software on their projects doesn’t mean that traditional programs, like Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, and Word will no longer be needed. Recognizing that fact, Autodesk BIM 360 has announced an integration with Microsoft Office 365 which should make users very happy.

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NoteVault Now Integrates with Autodesk BIM 360

I’ve mentioned this several times before, but the single greatest thing technology companies can do for the construction industry is to allow cross-platform integration.  That’s essentially what construction is at its core, anyway, a bunch of different entities working together for a common goal. Autodesk’s BIM 360, which already integrates 60+ different softwares into its platform, has recently added NoteVault to its list.

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How to Apply for a Construction Job That Requires a Software You Don’t Use

10 years ago, the most computer knowledge any construction company would require of its applicants was a basic understanding of Microsoft Excel or a scheduling software.  Now, construction companies are finally getting wise to the fact that project management and document management software like Procore, Bluebeam, and PlanGrid can provide an efficiency boost to their projects. Because of this, many employers now have job openings that require knowledge of their software of choice. 

If you’ve never used that specific software, how can you make yourself eligible for that role?

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