NoteVault Now Integrates with Autodesk BIM 360

notevault bim360 integration.JPG

I’ve mentioned this several times before, but the single greatest thing technology companies can do for the construction industry is to allow cross-platform integration.  That’s essentially what construction is at its core, anyway, a bunch of different entities working together for a common goal. Autodesk’s BIM 360, which already integrates 60+ different softwares into its platform, has recently added NoteVault to its list.

Notevault is a construction daily reporting application, which electronically files and stores your daily reports for quick and easy referencing.  Daily reports are vitally important to protect your company against possible defect claims, and legal battles.  Sifting through hundreds of hand written reports manually is extremely time consuming and inefficient.

With its integration into BIM 360, users that have accounts with both applications can now automatically upload their NoteVault reports directly to their BIM 360 project, allowing owners, managers, GCs, and subcontractors to access the notes as needed and in real time.

NoteVault’s automated folder in BIM360

NoteVault’s automated folder in BIM360

Once the connection is made between the two apps, the daily reports will sync to a NoteVault Daily Reports folder in your project’s Document Management section. This allows you to find all of your project’s pertinent information in one areas, instead of switching to multiple applications.

You can find out more about the NoteVault-BIM360 integration on Autodesk’s website here.