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Just because construction companies are wising up and beginning to implement project management software on their projects doesn’t mean that traditional programs, like Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, and Word will no longer be needed. Recognizing that fact, Autodesk BIM 360 has announced an integration with Microsoft Office 365 which should make users very happy.

By integrating BIM 360 with Microsoft Office 365, users will now be able to open Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents directly within the BIM 360 application, but they will also be able to create, edit, and distribute documents within the app, as well.  For those users not currently using Office 365, you will still have the ability to view the documents, but not edit.

Having to download a document from the cloud, edit it, and then re-upload is a serious annoyance and waste of time for anyone on a construction team.  Not only will this integration save wasted time, it will also allow for better version control and track updates, make sure team members are using then most up-to-date documents, and allow better collaboration.

via Autodesk

via Autodesk

Team member permissions will still restrict upload, viewing, and editing permissions, as well, to keep document security strong. Opening and editing the document is a super simple process, as well (see GIF above), but more information can be found on Autodesk’s help page.

This release comes on the heels of Procore’s recent integration with Microsoft Outlook, which allows users to upload emails and email attachments directly to their project’s Procore page and easily create RFIs in Procore directly from Outlook emails.

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