Milwaukee Tool Adds Geofencing Option to Tool Tracking App ONE-KEY

Almost 3 years ago, Milwaukee Tool rolled out its tool tracking application called ONE-KEY, which is available on Apple, Android, or the web. The tool manufacturer has an ever-expanding line of tools that are ONE-KEY enabled, which not only let users edit the settings of their tools through an app, but they also allow them to lock out a tool, rendering it useless in case it’s lost or stolen.

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Milwaukee ONE-KEY Gets Upgrade with Added Tool Security

milwaukee one-key

As technology is slowly but surely creeping into construction job sites across the world, power tools are no exception.  Not only are they becoming lighter, more powerful, and cord free, they’re also beginning to interact with smartphones and applications.  In 2015, Milwaukee Tool jumped head first into the industry’s most comprehensive smart tool application, ONE-KEY, and it’s still continuing to develop with new upgrades.

The are 4 key benefits of the ONE-KEY system: tool customization, tracking, and management. ONE-key enabled tools can be located using Bluetooth technology when within distance and remembers the last known location. The ONE-KEY app allows you to change tool settings with the click of a button and save profiles for specific tool functions.  The tool and equipment management software is a free, digital catalog for all of your company’s or your personal tools, no matter if they’re the red and black brand or not.  

In January, Milwaukee announced it’s newest addition to the application: Integrated Tool Security.  With the new update, your tool can be remotely rendered completely useless if it ever gets stolen. If the tool comes within Bluetooth range of any open ONE-KEY app, a remote signal will be sent to the tool to lock itself out.  Another added benefit of tool security is that you can hide your tools from other ONE-KEY users so only you can see your tools.  At the end of the day, you can lock the trigger or the footpad to prevent others from using the tool or changing your settings.

The update adds some nice features, which allow you to take back control of your tool security.  Check out the infographic below or the ONE-KEY website for some additional information.

one-key tool security