Injured Carpenter Awarded $2 Million After CM Fails to Instruct Him to Wear PPE

The worst day on the job is when someone on site gets injured.  The 2nd through 500th worst days are the legal battle that follows many of those injuries.  Nobody expects accidents to happen, but it’s best to be adequately prepared if one does.  That not only includes knowing how to react to injuries with a safety plan, but also making sure your company’s documentation is in order in case lawsuits start flying.

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Is The Construction Law Landscape Changing?

The following is a guest post written by Laurence Banville, Esq.

Construction is on the rise again, especially in the Northeast region of the U.S. The attractive landscapes of Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, and New York are drawing people back to the east coast. People are finding that they can get that country home feel with metropolitan access, and most are building new homes and businesses in these states for that very reason. Of course, with new and increased construction comes new and increased personal injury cases. Newer technology and methods of construction are also changing the frequency and types of injuries too. All those changes seem to be changing construction law practice.

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UPDATE: Senate Votes to Repeal Federal ‘Blacklisting’ Rule

In February, the House of Representatives voted 236-187 on a resolution to block the ‘blacklisting' rule, sending it to the Senate for a second vote.  The act would have given the federal government the ability to disqualify contractors if they violated any of the 14 labor laws, which can be found here, over the past 3 years on any project totaling $500,000 or more

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