[VIDEO] Crane Collapses While Placing Concrete Wall Panel in California

Video footage was recently shared of a crane collapse during a concrete wall panel lift.  Not much is known about the accident, there has been surprisingly no media coverage of the event, only a very short video description on YouTube.

According to YouTube user Brett Albrecht, the collapse happened in Napa Valley, California, while a crane was lifting 50 ton concrete wall panels.  I was first made aware of the video through the Instagram page @osha_is_this_ok, which is a good follow if you aren’t already. One of their other followers claimed secondhand knowledge of the incident and said that no one was killed in the terrifying accident.

The fact that there have not been any news stories written about it is definitely a good sign that no one was seriously hurt by the incident.  There look to be about 10 or 11 workers standing near both panels that eventually collapsed, so there was potential for catastrophic loss. BRAGG is visible on the side of the crane at the 19 second mark, but that’s all we know.

This incident is extremely similar to another crane collapse that happened in Austin, Texas in January of 2018.  In that video, a crane lifting a similarly sized concrete wall panel collapsed, forcing several workers to run away in a panic. In that accident, 1 worker was transported to hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

[VIDEO] Watch a One Mile Long Bridge Over Water Be Imploded in Seconds

Demolition by implosion videos are always fun to watch.  Adding an element of water makes them even more dramatic, though it’s probably not great for the ecosystem.  Late last week, a one mile long, 23 year-old bridge in China was imploded in front of a crowd of spectators and caught on camera.

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Four Quick Tips for Keeping Your Excavators in Good Working Condition

Excavators are a vital piece of equipment on many construction sites all over the world.  They’re also very expensive machines that deserve to be treated well.  They’re also the 3rd most commonly stolen piece of construction equipment.

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[VIDEO] Typhoon Destroys Material Hoist in China

As the US is experiencing our own natural disaster, by way of Hurricane Florence, China is being hit badly by a Typhoon Mangkhut. According to Independent, the storm has caused a crane, which was being used on a 22-story housing development, to crumble. That collapse was caught on camera by neighbors.

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{Timelapse] 8 Years of Construction on the 3 World Trade Center

It’s hard to believe that it has been 17 years since the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center in New York City.  I came to the realization this week that many of the men and women that are about to enter the workforce will never have a true understanding about how the country felt that day and how it responded. New York is still responding to this day and, even though the skyline will never quite be the same, there are new buildings in their place paying tribute to those who lost their lives that day.

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[VIDEO] Incredible Drone Footage of the UFO-Like Shanghai Planetarium

Astronomy and the planets and solar systems within it, are a source of wonderment and awe for many people. Planetariums, which are educational facilities for the hands-on and interactive learning about astrology, can be found across the world. China is currently building a pretty spectacular planetarium in Shanghai, the country’s biggest city.

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Multi-Story Parking Garage in Texas Collapses Twice, Trapping Dozens of Cars

There have been a few devastating structural collapses across America and the world this year.  In March, an under construction pedestrian bridge collapsed in Florida, killing 6. In Colombia, ten workers were killed when a large section of a bridge being built collapsed. Both of those tragedies happened while the structures were still being built, but a recent collapse in Texas has a bit of a different story.

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Video Shows How Highways Were Paved in the 1940s

As America’s infrastructure is continually described as “crumbling,”  I thought it would be a good time to take a look back to how highways were paved around 70 years ago.  A lot has changed in the past seven decades, but you might be surprised by how similar paving still is.

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