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If you are a user of's Dodge Data and Analytics  then their new app Construction Nearby is a must have.  Construction Nearby allows users to scout for nearby construction bids, by giving you information on bid date, type of work, size of project, location, privately funded projects, project status, project value, project trades, and project owner's contact details.  The Construction Nearby uses a clean easy to navigate interface that is integrated with Google Maps.  

Because Construction Nearby is a mobile app, you can use it while you are on the road, between pre-bids, or if you see something that catches your eye while you are out and about.  

From my experience with the app, it is more tailored towards the estimating department.  The app shows you what projects are bidding, how many days left to bid, and where the project is located.  But this app is only as powerful as the Dodge reports.  If your city is like mine then there are not very many projects listed.  This goes for the project information as well.  Some jobs have a lot of very good information like type of roofing system, number of units, number of stories, owner type, construction type, project valuation, trades required, and structural properties.  I found that only two or so of the listings in my area had all of this information filled out.  The app is currently free to download, but costs range from $2.99 to $9.99 for a 7 to 30 day subscription, respectively.

Construction Nearby Dodge Maps

If you already have a subscription to Dodge Data and Analytics  than this app is a must have.  If your city or region uses Dodge Data like it should then I would consider the app and the subscription.  However, if your region is like mine than I would probably pass and wait for the tech weary construction industry to catch up.

Construction Nearby Dodge Maps | Dodge Data and Analytics

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