Augmented Reality Tape Measure Smartphone Apps Now Available for iPhones

TapMeasure  via Youtube

TapMeasure via Youtube

In July, we shared an article about a new augmented reality app that would allow iPhone and iPad users to use their devices’s camera as a tape measure.  That app, Air Measure, is now available for download after Apple’s iOs 11 release. 

Air Measure is free to download, but won’t be the only augmented reality measuring app on the market.  TapMeasure, by Occipital, Inc. will also use the device’s camera to measure, but has some additional and unique features, like being able to export your 3D measurements to SketchUp.

As we’ve said before, we don’t expect this technology to replace tape measures or even laser measures any time soon, but it could be a useful tool for contractors, especially for preliminary estimates and building models. 

No word yet when apps like this will be available for Android devices.

Below is a video of how the 3D Room Builder function works on TapMeasure.  The second video is a general overview of the app.