[VIDEO] Semi Hauling 50 Foot Long Prefab Concrete Beam Tips Over in Intersection

As annoying as it may be to deal with sometimes, there is a good reason why trucks carrying oversized loads have spotters and flaggers.  We’ve seen the worst of what can happen when the spotter fails to alert truck drivers in time, like the one that caused a 2013 Washington State bridge collapse, so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

In early October, a flagger narrowly avoided a gigantic prefabricated concrete beam, estimated at around 50 feet in length, from falling on him as it tipped over while being hauled through an intersection in Atlanta, Georgia.

A driver several cars behind the intersection caught the accident on camera.  In it you’ll see the flagger holding a stop sign take a step back as the massive beam thuds to the ground and not really look all that surprised by it.

That’s a bad day at the office for the driver.

Video below uploaded to Youtube by Michael Roberts: