Raken App Releases Several Major Updates After Securing Additional Funding

Updated Raken Dashboard

Updated Raken Dashboard

Consistent documentation is one of the keys to running a successful and productive job site, but if you’re still using pen and paper, you’re falling behind.  There are several web-based applications available to help you manage and organize your reports and photos in the cloud, including Raken, which has recently updated their web and mobile applications.

After securing $2 million of seed funding, Raken has recently released the first of three phases of updates for its customers.  Among the first updates are a redesigned web app, mobile app, new dashboard insights, and improved onboarding.  No details for phase 2 and 3 of the update have been released yet.

Web and Mobile App

When using Raken on your laptop or desktop, you’ll notice some new features and layout.  The “card” view, which show a snapshot of each of your active projects, will now show some quick overview information, including weather details, count of workers on sit, and number of hours worked.

All of the new features and updates are also available on the updated mobile app, as Raken states that the majority of their users exclusively use the mobile version.

New Dashboard Insights

Raken has added a new tab next to the Activity tab on the main dashboard, called Insights, which give users access to additional analytics and metrics of their projects.  The new reports include:

  • All-time stats, including number of workers, hours worked, safety incidents, missed daily reports, and more
  • A trendline graph of workers and hours by project
  • Lists of users by the number of daily reports entered and completion percentage of the dailies by site
  • Project delays and safety incidents per day per project
  • List of open tasks

Improved Onboarding

For those who are either new to Raken or need to get up to speed with all of the changes, Raken has integrated an on-boarding into the dashboard.

To see what the changes will look like, you can check out Raken’s video below.