Excavator Operator Survives After Being Trapped with Just Nose Above Water For 2 Hours

via 9News Australia

via 9News Australia

In an incredible fight for his life, excavator operator Daniel Miller, of Australia, spent 2 long hours trapped by his excavator with only his nose and forehead above water. Amazingly, the man survived and his wife says it was due to his sheer mental strength and will to survive.

According to 9News, Miller was operating a mini excavator alone at his property when it slipped down an embankment and into a dam.  When the machine fell, it trapped him inside the open cabin, leaving only about an inch for him to breath.  Luckily for Miller, if you can call it luck, the stick of the excavator got caught on a large rock and kept the machine from pulling him even further into the water.

The man was airlifted to a nearby hospital and treated for hypothermia and minor back injuries.  At last report, he was in stable condition.  You can watch 9News’ story below:

Full Story: Wife of man trapped in NSW dam said his survival ‘had nothing to do with luck’ | 9News