[VIDEO] This is Officially the Most Terrifying Construction Site on Earth

via  Youtube

If you’re into heights, then China may be the place you need to be.  The country recently unveiled the world’s highest and longest glass bridge and, as scary as many tourists may find that, it was way more dangerous while it was under construction. New footage of another construction site in the Laowang Monutains is giving that bridge a run for it’s money.

Construction workers are busy building a walkway alongside a vertical cliff in mountains some 5,577 feet (1,700m) in the air, according to the Daily Mail. But, don’t worry, there are some super sketchy looking planks spaced around 12 inches on center to keep your footing.  That should do it. For those in need of additional safety measures, just tie some rope around your stomach.

The makeshift road is currently 2.5 miles long and one of the workers highlighted in the video below walks back and forth around 6 times per day. Most of the workers are in their 40s and 50s and make the equivalent of $43-58 US per day, according to the video. Due to the difficulty of the site, only 65 feet (20m) of road can be finished each day.  The Wumeng New Post reports that the entire project will cost $215 million to complete the road, which will be all glass flooring.

Watch the incredible footage, by People’s Daily, China, below: