[VIDEO] Angry Husband Fills Wife’s Car with Concrete

via  Youtube

Doing something in the name of revenge typically is never a good idea.  Concrete truck operators getting involved with that revenge is probably an even worse idea.  But, anger makes people do weird things, including video taping said revenge.

According to the Daily Mail, a husband in Russia was extremely upset after he found out his wife changed her last name in order to promote a supermarket chain. By changing her name to Veniy, the name of the supermarket, she would be paid 50,000 RUB, which is about $889 USD.  The Daily Mail also reported the couple were having some other problems, as well, which “prompted” the husband to want revenge.

The “revenge” was caught on tape and showed the husband directing a concrete truck to dump a car full of concrete inside his wife’s prized car.  I’m not a Russian law expert, but I have to imagine he’ll get in trouble with the law for this.  Not only that, it seems possible that the concrete truck driver would also carry some of the blame.

A word of advice to concrete companies: cars are not valid concrete forms.  Thanks to Alex Barthet from The Lien Zone for sending us this video.