[VIDEO] World’s First Vertical Lift Wheel Loader

via  Youtube

The world’s first 3D printed excavator was not the only piece of construction equipment to hold that title at this year’s CONEXPO-CON/AGG in Las Vegas.  LiuGong, an international construction equipment manufacturer founded in China, also unveiled the world’s first vertical lift wheel loader at the event.

LiuGong has been developing the vertical lift technology since 2010 and, this year, the new product will finally be ready for production.  Simply put, the vertical lift system allows a smaller machine to have a larger bucket, and longer and higher reach compared to traditional loaders, according to LiuGong.  An additional elbow in the arm of the loader allows for these additional benefits.

“The key innovations of the product are the vertical lift loader arms on an articulating frame
and the mechanical self-leveling Z-bar bucket linkage on a vertical lift loader – both industry
Firsts,” the company stated in a press release

Edward Wagner, Director of Testing/Advanced Tech for LiuGong explained to Awesome Earthmovers that the technology allows a 30% larger bucket, 2 feet higher lift, and an additional 1 foot of reach as compared to the same sized machine with a traditional radial arm. 

“Fuel costs are greatly reduced since the reduced operating weight of the vertical lift machine allows more tons material to be moved per horsepower than with a conventional radial lift machine. This allows customers to move more tons per hour for lower initial investment, and lower owning and operating costs than would be required with conventional technology,” the company said.

According to Equipment World, the new VL80A loader has a full turn tipping load of 39,000 pounds and an operating weight of 44,000.  

Check it out in action below.  Video uploaded to Youtube by UNIRESPO GmbH.