Contractor Allegedly Haunted by Ghosts at Serial Killer Ted Bundy’s Childhood Home

Ted Bundy in Court

Ted Bundy in Court

Construction sites can often be some pretty spooky places, especially when unexpected items and creatures, like human remains, are found on the property.  They can also be the site of some heavy superstition, like at several projects in Iceland that were believed to be delayed by hidden elves. But, according to one contractor, there’s something especially spooky about the childhood home of serial killer Ted Bundy.

Casey Clopton, a home remodeling contractor in Washington State, was hired to do some renovation work on the house in October of 2016, according to the New York Post.  Shortly after entering the property, Clopton started noticing some strange happenings, all before he even knew the history of the house, he claims.

Clopton told the Post that several electronics, like cell phones, began to die or get unplugged without an explanation.  Some of the furniture would also fall over without anyone in the house.  Perhaps most frightening were the messages he found on written in drywall dust on the floors and windows that said “leave” and “help me.”

The Post explains that, “Things apparently got so bad that Clopton penciled Bible verses on the walls, and called in two pastors to bless the house. The pair reportedly went from room to room, reading scriptures and saying blessings.” After the renovation was complete, the house reportedly sold for $335,000. 

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