[VIDEO] Nearby Pedestrians Caught Off Guard by 12 Story Building Implosion

via  Youtube

Construction Junkie has shared a lot of demolition videos.  Typically, people line up waiting for the moment when the building explodes with their eyes peeled and cameras ready, just waiting for the perfect video.  This video, however, is much different.

Pedestrians standing nearby a 12-story, 180 foot tall tower in Changzhou, China were caught massively off guard when explosions sent the building crashing to the ground.  Seeing a demolition in person would be awesome, but not knowing one was happening would be absolutely terrifying.

Although a city spokesman stated that the crews made sure the building was empty and the traffic in the area was halted, according to 9News, there were still plenty of people who had no idea what was happening. Many even had to start running to avoid being swallowed by the massive dust cloud. Cars are also seen driving by as the dust starts to cover up the road.

Video below shared to Youtube by ESPM: