Washington DC Contractors Add RFID Tags to Worker’s Hard Hats to Track Whereabouts

construction site

Tracking employees instantaneously is a dream scenario for employers.  It gives them tons of data to analyze to determine where money can be saved and where resources can be placed to be most efficient.  The struggle is convincing the employees that tracking their every move is not going to get them in trouble or fired. There’s a balance in there somewhere and that’s the challenge facing both employers and tech companies right now.

Around 20 Washington D.C. area contractors are currently giving a new type of employee tracking device a try, according to the DCist. . The software, called Eyrus, requires that unique RFID tags be placed on the hard hats of the workers on site. Sensors placed around the site can then not only monitor employee whereabouts, but can also potentially avoid labor disputes, according to the company. Nicknames and native languages of each worker can also be tracked in case of emergency.

Data gathered by Eyrus can be accessed from any web accessible device anytime. Automated reports of labor hours planned versus actual labor hours expended can be broken down by CSI division, individual company, or tradesperson, Eyrus states. Alerts can also be set up to let employers know if a project is behind schedule or labor hours are out of alignment. In case of emergency, the system will even alert the workers of the need to evacuate and takes an immediate role call of who is on site.

There’s no doubt data is key to the success of any business, but you have to wonder how the system handles hard hats with RFID tags being left on site or apart from the actual worker.  Nevertheless, the benefits to the employer of a system like this seem to outweigh the possible issues.

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