The Best Construction Podcast of 2019 [RESULTS]

Best Podcast 2019

Construction Junkie's 5th Annual Best Construction Podcast Competition has officially come to an end and the results have been tallied.  It was a very exciting competition this year, with several very strong competitors pulling in tons of votes.

The 2019 contest saw our field narrow from 10 podcasts to 7, but there were a couple fresh new faces that we were excited to welcome, as well as some contest veterans  Even with 3 less nominees this year, the contest was still able to break the all-time record for most votes, hopefully signaling the fact that podcasts are becoming more and more popular.

You can click the corresponding year to check out the results of our 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018 best construction podcast competition, as well!

Construction Junkie's 2019 Best Construction Podcast Competition Results

conexpo con-agg radio.jpg


Previous nominations: 2018 (winner)

Listen to it here:

For the second year in a row, CONEXPO/CON-AGG Radio has claimed the top spot in our Best Construction Podcast Competition.  Hosted by Peggy Smedley, the monthly podcast features interviews with experts in many aspects of construction, such as technology, occupational health and safety, regulations and education.

In 2018, CONEXPO/CON-AGG Radio shattered the single podcast voting record and in 2019, they did it again, backed by a strong outreach campaign and the support of loyal followers. As promised to the winner, will feature their podcast on our sidebar for 1 full year.

The Construction Record Podcast.jpg

#2: The Construction Record

Previous nominations: first time nominated

Listen to it here:

Our lone Canadian podcast in this year’s competition is The Construction Record, which focuses on the Great White North’s construction industry news. Powered by ConstructConnect, the show features stories from the Journal of Commerce and Daily Commercial News. Each episode usually lands between 20 and 30 minutes.

It was The Construction Record’s first time in the contest and they pulled in more votes than any previous runner-up in our competition.

ConTech Crew Podcast.png

#3: The ConTech Crew

Previous nominations: 2016 (winner), 2017, 2018

Listen to it here:

The ConTech Crew (@TheConTechCrew) is a previous champion, taking home the title in 2016, . Hosted by JBKnowledge CEO James Benham (@JamesMBenham) and a now rotating cast of Rob McKinney (@ConAppGuru), Jeff Sample (@IronmanOfIT), and others, the ConTech Crew Podcast takes a weekly deep dive on construction technology topics and guest interviews with the construction tech industries biggest names.


#4: Builtcast

Previous nominations: first time nominated

Listen to it here:

The newest show in our contest this year, Builtcast, came onto the scene in January of 2019. Hosted by Kurt and Reid Bangert of Bangert Inc., a construction technology company, Builtcast aims to “explore the people and stories behind growth, technology, and change in the construction industry.” Each episode is less than 25 minutes in length and features an interview with a guest who is making an impact in the world of construction technology.

For being only several months old, Builtcast put on a strong showing and competed with several very established podcasts.

The Lien Zone Podcast.jpg

#5: The Lien Zone

Previous nominations: 2016, 2017 (winner), 2018

Listen to it here:

We were once again happy to welcome back The Lien Zone Podcast to our competition this year, as they are another previous year winner.

Hosted by Miami construction lawyer, Alex Barthet (@thelienzone), The Lien Zone Podcast discusses many aspects of the construction industry from a legal point of view.  This weekly podcast is a quick listen, with most lasting less than 10 minutes, but that’s all the time Alex needs to inform his audience about each topic.


#6: The Constructrr Podcast

Previous nominations: 2018

Listen to it here:

Returning to the contest for the second year in a row, CONSTRUCTRR focuses on interviewing people within the construction industry who are either “crushing it!”, “innovatively efficient,” or “positively impactful.” Hosted by Brittanie Campbell-Turner, a construction project manager and business consultant, CONSTRUCTRR is released at least once a week. Many of the most recent episodes have taken a closer look at BIM collaboration and how blockchain technology, the same kind used by cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, could be used to positively affect the construction industry.

Contractor Conflicts.png

#7: Contractor Conflicts

Previous nominations: first time nominated

Listen to it here:

Although Contractor Conflicts is a new name in our contest, it’s hosted by someone very familiar to it - and also a past champion. Miami construction lawyer Alex Barthet, also host of The Lien Zone, couldn’t be satisfied only having 1 podcast, so he started a second one, but has a different audience in mind. While The Lien Zone focuses on contractors and those in the trades, Contractor Conflicts gives law advice to owners. The structure is very similar on both podcasts, usually coming in under 10 minutes in length.